Managed Fundraising

We enable organizations, to raise funds
In an economical and straight forward manner.  
  1. Your Audience
    Our goal is to understand your audience. Thru careful investigations and personal interactions with our clients, we formulate a custom plan. These plans are tailored to your audience. With our proved methods, we are able to increase the effectiveness and provide a positive memory for your customer or donor.
  2. Popular Products
    As an apparel and design company, we have access to many items that have a proven appeal to specific audiences. Our approach includes introducing several Product Items that can be Marketed to a Target Audience, and provides substantial returns for our customers.
  3. Automation
    Ease of use is the Key to our custom systems. Fundraising is already difficult enough! Through our custom approach, we are able to provide an intuitive way for your Target Audience to access fundraising items and place orders. Me manage the day to day operations and fulfillment.
  4. NO Inventory
    Our Turn-Key Fundraising approach is meant to be an easy way to fund-raising thru providing merchandise to your Target Audience. At Oregon City Graphics, we place no responsibility on our customers for buying or storage of Fundraising Items. By using our automation process, we stage and manage your customers orders.
  5. Incentives
    Fundraising often times requires contests or other incentives, in order meet the Revenue Objectives. We customize our approach to include and administer incentives for those involved in product selling.
  6. Social Media
    Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool and method to promote a fundraiser. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop Social Media Promotions that can be easily be uploaded and published.

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